Roadtrip Map

In anticipation of our Timberleaf trailer (in production now!), I’ve put this map together to try to make it easier to plan short trips and take advantage of every chance to get out of town.

After the big Georgia Traverse trip and our anniversary trip to Arkansas, we’ve settled on trying to keep our driving days to around 6 hours (Google drive-time). The 4Runner is already slow, and towing a trailer keeps us around 60mph at most. Add to that gas stops, pup stops, lunch stops, things to see along the way, etc. and a 6 hour drive quickly stretches to 10 or more.

So, thanks to Oalley‘s drive-time-area tool, you’ll find concentric wiggly rings around Dallas showing approximately where you can get in 1, 2, …, 12 hours of driving, based on Google Maps data. The rings are color coded to darken up to 6 hours then fade again after, so you can see quickly what’s going to be less-than-a-day, or a less-than-ideal day of driving.

The various points on the map are state and national parks, recreations areas, and private campsites we want to visit, etc. Certainly not exhaustive, just what I’ve gotten around to adding.

Something else I’m toying with is “Trip Notes” (the Push-pins). Haven’t ironed out the details yet but I’d like to show basic notes on where we, or friends, have visited, what they did, and what they thought of the place. It may end up just being a checklist for Kyndal and I, or parsed out to a separate map. We’ll see.

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