A Plan: Bike-camping at 4R Ranch Vineyards & Winery

The campground at 4R Ranch, from when we camped ahead of the 2018 Spinistry Red River Riot.

Back in spring of 2018 (perhaps earlier?), 4R Ranch introduced a small campground a short way inside their property. It’s a simple setup, open field, some trees, and very pretty, tucked away in the other Texas hill country you may not have known about. Amenities include running water, fire pits, showers, and restrooms. (and a short walk to the tasting room…)

Riders of the 2018 Spinistry Red River Riot were invited to camp before and after to save having to drive in the day of the race, and it was absolutely worthwhile. Not having to drive was nice, but whereas most events you arrive in a flurry of activity, and only talk to the riders passing you throughout the day (just me?), the campground promoted an entirely different and much more fulfilling pre-ride experience. Every big ride should start like this.

A few weeks ago Walt added their humble campground to Hipcamp (think AirBnB for private campgrounds) just as I was searching for somewhere to go over Memorial Day weekend after all the state parks were booked-up. Perfect!

The plan, or A plan, such as it is, is to ride from Denton and pick up local prairie-cycling wizard @Pondero from his home near Bolivar (many thanks to him for the majority of the route planning) then carry on winding through the back-roads to Muenster. After a quick stop for lunch, we’ll make the final jaunt to camp and that’s where the plan stops, at least until we ride back the next day.

Things to know:
– If you plan to use the A-Train to get to Denton, don’t forget that it doesn’t run on Sundays.